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[Thousand Faces & Sake Wares Exhibition]



Our story

Touch Ceramics is the Hong Kong’s complete venue for appreciating and experiencing handmade ceramics and porcelains. We will inspire our visitors through the appreciation of exquisite ceramic works, and provide personal reconnection with a skill and art form that is lost in today’s society.


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Current Exhibitions

[Thousand Faces & Sake Ware Exhibition] x 5 ceramics artists
【千面。酒皿珍藏展】x 5 位陶瓷藝術家
Nov 29 2018- Jan 20, 2019

Touch Ceramic and are excited to host an exclusive exhibition feature sake wares from renowned Hong Kong and Japanese ceramics artists, including Cheung Man Ho, Lau Yat Wai, Amanda Tong, Yung Yuk Ming Michael, Ogata Kamio.

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[The Fusion by Janet Tso]
Dec 1-2 & 8-9 2018

Janet Tso, renowned ceramics artist in
HongKong, has been creating artworks
by fusion of ceramics and flowers. She
did it with such skills so that their
respective shape, texture, colours and
feel is interacting with each other to
form an refreshingly inspiring piece
of art.

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Past Exhibitions

Rachel Cheung [from Functionality to Abstraction]
張煒詩  【由實用至抽象】
Sep 27 -Nov 7, 2018 (Part I); Nov 9 – Nov 23, 2018 (Part II)

“from Functionality to Abstraction” illustrated Rachel’s mindset of creating her ceramic pieces, she attempts to establish the relationship between craftmanship and arts.   This is a new point of view for rediscovery of “balance”, enabling her art pieces escalated to an eclectic dimension.

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Japanese Tea Ware Exhibition
一期一會 日本茶道具特展
August 21 – September 23, 2018

Japanese Tea Ceremony (a.k.a. Chado) originates from the Tang Dynasty of China.  The tea culture was brought by the Japanese monks to Japan.  It then combined with the local culture to become a social and cultural activity for the expats to treat their guests with tea and show courtesy. It is believed that this is the first and most exquisite Japanese Teaware exhibition in Hong Kong.  Not only will you be able to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of the Japanese Teaware, you could also feel the profound affection of the artists through their pieces.

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LIU, Jung-Hui [Watching the clouds]
劉榮輝 [坐看雲起】

Liu’s creation focuses on life aesthetics with specialty in vase and tea ware. Multi-layered embossing and hollow shapes are his signature. His work incorporates landscape and scenery, simple and yet graceful. Like the flow of clouds.

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Sara Tse [RE VISIT]
謝淑婷 【舊地 重遊】
June 8 – July 7, 2018

‘RE VISIT’ – Sara Tse solo exhibition Sara Tse like to use porcelain as her ink, to write down every part of her life journey. As times have been dramatic to the artist in these years, all these laughter and tears just bring her creativity to the next level.

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Special Events


Thousand Faces Sake Tasting Party

為配合展覽,Touch Ceramics 聯合舉辦【千面。清酒。淺酌派對】,嚴選13款清酒酒藏品嚐,及分享清酒美食搭配。歡迎大家報名參加,一起品酒賞皿! 名額有限,先到先得。


To celebrate the exhibition, Touch Ceramics and are excited to host a sake tasting party, serving 13 different types of sake in one go, e.g. special summer/autumn edition sakes, ginjo, and daiginjo. Enroll now to enjoy a wonderful night of sake and wares.



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Special Events


Explore Joy of Sake workshop



為配合【千面。酒皿珍藏展】,Touch Ceramics 聯合 舉辦【清酒。尋味】工作坊。


Sake is an incredibly unique, enigmatic and versatile wine, which may also symbolize sustenance and life. Along with “Thousand Faces Sakewares” exhibition, Touch Ceramics joins hands with organizing “Explore Joy of Sake” Workshop.

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Special Events

【酒皿 X 日本清酒】大師班

Ware x Sake Master Class

Touch Ceramics@大館與「酒武士」Micky Chan合作,攜手打造「日本清酒大師班」,從清酒的角度窺探酒器的重要性。大師班將會帶大家深入淺出的了解日本清酒,從基本的釀造出發,再認識不同風格清酒的做法與獨特之處,然後以不同的飲用溫度感受清酒之美。

Ware x Sake Masterclass hosted by Mr. Micky Chan -“Sake Samurai”, will introduce you to the world of premium Japanese sake. Join us to learn how to understand the differences between grades, types and brewing regions. Obviously, the chemistry of sake taste with sake wares collection from Touch Ceramics will become the highlights of the class.

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Regular Class

Pottery Class


The comprehensive but flexible class provide you an wonderful learning experience of exploring the character of ceramics, under the professional guidance from our tutor, students are encourage to create your own piece under the relax and helpful atmosphere.


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Regular Class

Porcelain Painting class


Student will learn about the traditional decoration skills on porcelain, with reference of European flower painting technique, and combine with different painting styles, and highlighted with your unique brushstrokes.


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