About us

Touch Ceramics是一間能體驗和欣賞陶瓷創作的空間。我們以推廣本地陶瓷藝術家創作為己任,並邀請世界各地的陶瓷藝術家舉辦展覽,藉着欣賞陶藝作品,近距離地體會及感受現代藝術和傳統工藝的衝擊和融合。


作為推廣香港陶瓷藝術的一份子,Touch Ceramics希望於展示陶瓷美學的同時,也肩負起推廣陶瓷文化及工藝傳承的責任。除了本地陶瓷藝術家外,我們也會邀請國際藝術家及工藝師作為我們的客席導師,定期舉辦不同類型的工作坊。我們希望通過實體陶瓷藝術品展覽及舉辦不同類型的陶藝工作坊、讓對陶瓷藝術有興趣的朋友,能夠用雙手去體驗及創作陶瓷作品,將藝術融入生活當中。這便是Touch (接觸及活動) 的原意,亦是我們創辦Touch Ceramics的原意。生活就是藝術。Let’s keep in TOUCH。



TOUCH will be an inspirational space for you to experience the joy of ceramic making by our workshop, but at the same time to appreciate ceramics art in our art gallery space. By organizing exhibitions from ceramic artists worldwide, Touch Ceramics will be not only a place for appreciating the visual impact of contemporary art, but also to amuse the beauty of the traditional craftsmanship.


TOUCH Ceramics, which taking a contributive role in Hong Kong ceramics art, would like to carry forward this valuable kind of culture. By giving lecturers from famous artist and crafters around the world, we bring you not only the tangible touch of clay, but also to bring you an artistic touch to your life. ‘Life should be artistic’, this is the fundamental intention of Touch Ceramics, let’s keep in TOUCH.