Boundaries Pushing 推界 by 蕭錦嫺

[香港陶瓷藝術家系列 2–蕭錦嫺。推界]



Touch Ceramics 在邁向2019,為你帶來全新的藝廊體驗。




陶藝家蕭錦嫺藉著這次小型pop up展覽,將器物與個人生活連結,展示感性。 展出「花器」與「光之系列」。





開幕  Opening Ceremony
日期 Date : 30.12.2018 (日 Sun)
時間 Time : 3:00PM – 4:30PM


藝術家分享會 Meet & Greet with Artist
日期 Date : 29-30.12.2018 & 5-6.01.2019 (六日 Sat-Sun)
時間 Time : 3:00PM – 5:00PM



In this exhibition, SIU Kam Han is showing functional objects with a twist. They are sensational objects carrying essence of other crafts. The Vases series introduce sewing in the making process. Fabric is transformed to thin soft slab. Make clothes for the angels from my soul. When they were finished, their unique gestures reminded me some people I met before. That was the reason they have names.


The Light series was inspired by the Japanese paper windows and stained glass windows of the Gothic cathedrals. Therefore, porcelain, replaced glass and paper, was rolled very thin to mimic the translucency of the Japanese paper. Soldering techniques used in stained glass connected the fired slabs carefully. Generally, a lamp was made. The soft and tranquil light fills the room a peaceful atmosphere for self reflection.


The Light series uses western techniques but on the other hand, it is presenting the eastern culture and fading things.