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Touch Ceramics 藉著二月新春佳節和西方情人節,展出我們收藏的「浪漫作品」。大家除了可以欣賞到謝淑婷的天使、19世紀英國斯波特Spode柳樹紋飾陶瓷……更能遇見20位香港當代陶藝家以「一對」為主題,藉杯喻情的深情創作。

Touch Ceramics 期望以不同形式的陶藝作品,再次打開大家多年來對於「浪漫」的思索與追尋,藉著新的角度擴張至更闊的想像和變化。


Touched by Romance


Lao She’s Two Horses, paragraph 5, states “You always say that I focus too much on the facts, that I should learn to be romantic, is that right?”

Is romance unrealistic?
What is romance? Romance means feeling touched and happy because of someone or something you love, and being remembered for a period of time, is that right?

Is art romantic?
In the coming February’s Chinese New Year and Western Valentine’s Day, Touch Ceramics proudly presents the “Romantic Works” collection. In addition to Sara Tse’s angels and Spode’s Blue Willow collection from the 19th-century England, 20 Hong Kong contemporary ceramic artists will also interpret love through their pieces by the theme “One Pair”.

Touch Ceramics wishes to invite everyone to reinterpret and pursue “Romance” through different forms of ceramic art pieces and bring Romance to an entire new level through new perspectives.

【 開幕式 Opening Ceremony 】


2019.02.10 11:00am

開幕導賞 VIP Tour : 10:30 – 11:30 am

地點 Venue : Touch Ceramics

203, Block 3 Barrack Block , TaiKwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong