The Fusion By Janet

[香港陶瓷藝術家系列1 — 曹京。陶花緣]



陶與花結緣 – 是一個絕妙的搭配 !
陶具有樸實, 堅強的個性,而花卉則是靈動,嬌柔。
陶藝家曹京將陶與花技巧地融匯一起,讓兩者不同的型態,紋理,色彩和質感, 剛與柔的對比, 結合起來產生奇妙的互動, 成為生氣勃勃和有獨特美感的藝術品。



Ceramics and flowers can work extremely well together for the development of a creative artwork although ceramics is earthy and solid while flower is flexible and delicate.

Janet Tso, renowned ceramics artist in Hong Kong, has been creating artworks by fusion of ceramics and flowers. She did it with such skills so that their respective shape, texture, colours and feel is interacting with each other to form an refreshingly inspiring piece of art.

It is Janet’s hope that these artworks would bring peace of mind to everyone who is appreciating them as if strolling in a spiritual garden.





曹京 (TSO King, Janet)
香港著名陶藝家. 習陶於中, 港,台,澳洲,日本。
作品 ‘木的變奏’ 為香港文化博物館收藏;’恆星系列’ (I-V) 為香港藝術館收藏;’心中湖’ 為日本信樂陶藝之森收藏。

2003年赴澳洲學習柴燒及製釉. 2009年于日本信樂陶藝之森以註埸藝術家身份創作三個月。



Renowned ceramic artist in Hong Kong, learning and furthering her knowledge and skills in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Japan.
Studied and practiced wood firing and glazes formulation in Sydney, Australia in 2003 – 2005.

In 2009 she spent three months in the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Japan, as Artist in Residence and one of her works created there, ” The Lake “, was collected by the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park .

Janet’s works have also been collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collectors. She had held five solo exhibitions and participated in over 30 joint exhibitions. In 2006 Janet established her own studio while from time to time she acted as part-time instructor of ceramic classes in the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Visual Art Centre.