Japanese Tea Ceremony (a.k.a. Chado) originates from the Tang Dynasty of China.  The tea culture was brought by the Japanese monks to Japan.  It then combined with the local culture to become a social and cultural activity for the expats to treat their guests with tea and show courtesy.

Japanese Tea Ceremony is comprehensive art with extremely rich connotations. It is a combination of ceramic art, Ikebana (the Art of flowers), Incense Taosim, Japanese calligraphy and religious philosophy etc.  Among eall elements in Japanese Tea Ceremony, the most intriguing thing is in fact the teaware.  They might not be the most eye-catching element, yet, if you look more closely, you will be amazed by every single sophisticated detail on them.

For this summer, Touch Ceramics proudly presents you to this special exhibition dedicated to the teaware in Japanese Tea Ceremony.  It is believed that this is the first and most exquisite Japanese Teaware exhibition in Hong Kong.  Not only will you be able to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship of the Japanese Teaware, you could also feel the profound affection of the artists through their pieces.

In addition to the rare Japanese teaware in this exhibition, we will also hold a series of activities to promote the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  We hope this would enrich everyone’s understanding of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and lead every visitor to the tea world, exquisite art and aesthetic philosophy.


日本茶道源自中國唐代,由日本僧人將飲茶文化帶到日本, 然後融合本土文化,成為一種以茶待客,重視禮節的上流 社會文化藝術活動。

茶道是一門綜合藝術,內涵豐富。其中融合陶瓷藝術、花道、 香道、書道,以致宗教哲學等。而茶事活動中,最教人驚嘆的, 就是那些侘寂樸素或精工細琢的茶道具。

今個夏天,Touch Ceramics為大家帶來「日本茶道具特展」。 這個展覽可以說是香港首個最考究,最有規模的日本 茶道具展覽。大家除了可以欣賞到茶道具的精美手藝, 更能遇見製作者藉物喻情的深刻情意。

這次展覽除了難得一見日本茶道具外,我們更將舉辦一系列 茶道推廣體驗活動。豐富大家對日本茶道文化的了解 和認識,帶領每一位參觀者進入日本茶道文化精緻藝術與 美學哲思的世界。