from Functionality to Abstraction – Ceramic works by Rachel Cheung



Sep 27-Nov 7, 2018 (Part I); Nov 9 – Nov 23, 2018 (Part II)



Our exhibition “from Functionality to Abstraction” illustrated Rachel’s mindset of creating her ceramic pieces, she attempts to establish the relationship between craftmanship and arts.

In the beginning, she pondered that the use of  patterns or drawings on ceramic is  ornamental, in addition, she also contemplated whether there should be other essential yet important considerations. She started by drawing a simple straight line on a plate, and then added more lines in different form and intensity, seeking a optimal presentation of lines on contemporary ceramic arts for a useable plate.

She paid special attention to something regarded as straightforward and typical, such as line forms circle, circle forms circular area, area forms 3D and abstract entity. She was greatly inspired by the formation of these entities, which is very encouraging moment to her to further reach out and explore. This is a new point of view for rediscovery of “balance”, enabling her art pieces escalated to an eclectic dimension.


“When elements are disintegrated to its basics, they can be reconstructed to form many things. After all, it depends on how the artist master them.”—- Rachel Cheung


In the course of realising the above concepts, she used clay as lines and circles, did not aim to achieve perfection, but wished to emphasize the relationship of “functional” and “abstract” and important traits of both. Through this voyage of discovery, she is reconfirmed by her own stance.




2018年9月27日 至 11月7日(第一部分); 2018年11月9日 至 11月23日(第二部分)




過程之始,張煒詩思考實用陶器上的圖案之作用除了是裝飾,還會有更重要和必然的需要嗎? 於是她以簡單的一條線鑲畫在簡單的陶瓷碟上以展開思考,又嘗試將線的成份加多或變化,期望找到線作為圖案、碟作為實用品與當代陶瓷創作之間的理想平衡狀態。




「當元素拆解至基本,它們可以建構出不同的東西,只看創作者怎樣運用。」—- 張煒詩





About Rachel Cheung


Rachel CHEUNG was born and is based in Hong Kong.  After graduating from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) programme jointly presented by the RMIT University, Australia and Hong Kong Art School in 2001, with a major in ceramics, she obtained a Master degree in Fine Arts (Glass) from the University of Sunderland and another Master degree in Fine Art from the Middlesex University in the UK.  Rachel was a winner of the ‘Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2001’.  In 2002, she won the ‘Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II’ award.  She was also awarded with the Residency Programme in North Lands Creative Glass, Scotland, funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation.  Rachel was invited to participate in the International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics 2006 in Vallauris, France; and the Setouchi Triennale 2016, Japan, Fukutake House Project.  Her artworks are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Museum.


Through the interplay between different materials, Rachel Cheung focuses on the exploration of “equilibrium” and “relationship” in her works.  She believes that the state of equilibrium among relationships can be interpreted from various perspectives, including physical, philosophical and spiritual ones.  Equilibrium is also in close connection with changes among relationships.  Changes give rise to subtle transformation, different forms of energy, and the formation of new relationships, which then lead to other prominent impacts.  Rachel hopes that viewers of her works can sense the tension, the harmony, the contrast, the similarity and the difference in her works, and from which there spring endless possibilities.



關於 張煒詩


張煒詩生於香港,獲澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學文學士藝術學位(主修陶瓷)、英國新特蘭大學藝術碩士學位(玻璃)及倫敦密德蕯斯大學藝術碩士學位。張氏於2001年獲 「香港藝術雙年展」獎及 2002年獲香港「藝遊鄰里計劃II」藝術家獎。張氏於2004年獲Gulbenkian基金贊助參加蘇格蘭North Lands Creative Glass藝術家駐留計劃,2006年獲邀參加法國Vallauris國際當代陶瓷雙年展。2016獲邀參加日本瀨戶內藝術三年祭Fukutake House Project。作品為香港藝術館、香港文化博物館及台灣鶯歌陶瓷博物館所收藏。




Academic Qualification

2008-2009       Master of Arts in Fine Art (with Distinction), Middlesex University, London, UK

2003-2004       Master of Arts in Glass (with Distinction), University of Sunderland, UK

1998-2001       Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (with Distinction) – major in Ceramics, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, AU (co-presented by Hong Kong Art School)


Selected Solo Exhibition

2017                From Here and Now – Perceived/Unperceived, Unit Gallery, Hong Kong

2015                See the Unseen, Asia Contemporary Art Show, presented by Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong

2013                The Future Land, Unit Gallery, Hong Kong

2012                Building a Fantastic Land, Unit Gallery, Hong Kong

2010                Fables & Spells, Unit Gallery, Hong Kong

2006                Multiple Senses, Too Art Gallery, Hong Kong

2003                Looking for Equilibrium, Gallery of Hong Kong Central Library, presented by APO, LCSD, Hong Kong

2003                Looking for Equilibrium (part 2), United Colors of Benetton, presented by APO, LCSD, Hong Kong


Selected Group Exhibition

2017                            Ink Asia, Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre, Hong Kong

2017                Deep Silence – Hong Kong Art School Alunmni Network Exhibition 2017, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

2017                START 2017 Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2016                Setouchi Triennale 2016, Fukutake House Project, Shodoshima, Japan

2016                Double Intensity, joint exhibition of Anniek Verholt & Rachel Cheung, Unit Gallery, Hong Kong

2015                Voice of the Forest, joint exhibition of Fanny Mak & Rachel Cheung, Giant Year Gallery, Hong Kong

2013                Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exchange Exhibition, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan

2012/13          New Site – East Asian Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

2012                The Second Guangdong Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, UCity Art Museum of Guangzhou Academic of Fine Art, China

2011                2011 Contemporary Ceramic Art in Asia, Guangdong Shi Wan Ceramic Museum, China

2009                Whole, Rag Factory Gallery, London, UK

2008                New Horizons, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Hong Kong

2008                Celebration 60, British Council, London, UK

2006                International Biennale of Contemporary Ceramic 2006, Vallauris, France

2006                Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Award Exhibition, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong

2005                The 3rd World Ceramic Biennale 2005, Icheon, South Korea

2004                Vetrospective 2004, Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK

2003                Mapping Asia-18th Asia Int’l Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong

2003                Yuanyang: An Exhibition on Coffee & Tea Vessels, Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, Hong Kong

2002                Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II Launching Exhibition, Gallery of Hong Kong Central Library, presented by APO, LCSD, Hong Kong

2001                Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2001, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong

2001                City Liaoli Exhibition, Fringe Club Gallery, Hong Kong

2001                Debut, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong



2012                Finalist, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award 2012, Hong Kong Museum of Art

2008                Textile Alliance Scholarship, Middlesex University, UK (funded by the Textile Alliance Foundation)

2007                Finalist, Philippe Charriol Foundation Art Award

2005                Honorable Mention of World Ceramic Biennale 2005, Icheon, South Korea

2003                Scholarship, University of Sunderland, UK

2001                Awarded Artist of Artists in the Neighbourhood Scheme II, APO, LCSD Hong Kong

2001                Winner of the Prize of Excellence, Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 2001, Hong Kong Museum of Art


Artist in Residency

2004                Resident Artist at North Lands Creative Glass, Caithness, Scotland


Professional Affiliation

2016                Jury Panel of the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) BA Graduation Exhibition Awards, Hong Kong Baptist University

2015                The 9th Abilympics 2015, Judge of Creative Ceramics Competition

2010                Founder of Unit Gallery/Studio