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Ceramics Touch on Islands

Joint Exhibition

2020.08.25 - 09.20 @TOUCH Ceramics

Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong are all composed of islands. They are as well on the same ocean. Each island has her own culture and soil, while it is the ceramic artists who turn the soil into artworks that is beyond your expectation.

Succeeding ‘Women’s Touch in Hong Kong’, we proudly present ‘Ceramics Touch on Islands, lining up seven contemporary ceramic artists from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with their latest sculptures.

From Japan, we have Tetsuya Ishiyama who did not only collaborated with Takashi Murakami, but as well the one of a kind creator who uses clay to present philosophical ideas. While for Yasuhito Kawasaki, a sculptor who is famous for his ‘Self-portrait’ series. In his works we can always find a worriless boy, just like everyone of us when we were small. Tomonari Hashimoto is a rising star in the art world. He simple and geomatic sculptures has undergone countless processes to achieve the perfect touch and palette. On the same stage we also have Ogata Kamio's latest sculptural works.

On the other hand from Taiwan, we are excited to have award-winning artist Liu Jung-hui to create some new works which are the extension of his well-know ‘Cloud’ series. This exhibition is also our debut exhibition for the ‘clay architect’, Wu Wei-cheng’s works.

Last but not least, we bring to you two local artists’ works, namely Ray Chan’s experimental and conceptual works, and Lau Yat-wai’s latest works with the clay from Shigaraki.

We live, connect and potter between islands. If you miss traveling to Japan and Taiwan, you are very much welcome to visit the exhibition and feel the island breeze.

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