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Glimmer in Fluid I 

Teaware and Sakeware Group Exhibition


Following the previous exhibition “As Tea Goes By”, Touch Ceramics is proud to present “The Glimmer in Fluid — Teaware and Sakeware Group Exhibition” showcasing works from Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Japanese ceramic artists.  


Both tea and sake constitute to our “fluid culture”. With Chinese tea and sake, the teawares and sakewares go beyond visual appreciation into a lush sensational feast of taste and aesthetics. Under the pandemic, we hope this exhibition lights up a glimmer of joy in our lives.


Different attitudes towards the philosophy of “fluid culture” lie beneath the works of the 18 artists; some artists only mold teawares, some only mold sakewares, while some are able to explore the relation between teaware and sakeware. Embedding cultures of the three territories, the shape, texture and shades all unfurl the richness in “fluid culture”, and further into the philosophies of the artists.


The exhibition will be divided in two parts. In part I we will present teawares and sakewares from Chung Wen Ting, Ogata Kamio, Tetsuya Ishiyama, Mika Sato, George Nakamura, Nagisa Shirai, Zhang Xi Yuan, Ray Chan and Zhang Yong Sheng. In part II we will feature works from Kazuhiro Katase, Kazunori Ohnaka, Chie Kajima, Lau Yat-wei, Chie Kobayashi, Takaya Fukuoka, Weng Shijie and Seiichiro Fujino. 


To fully immerse in “fluid culture”, we also invite you to experience the special space. With specialty drinks (sake and tea) prepared by Season Li and Theresa, we hope that you will sit back and revel in the silence of inner peace. We also invite you to join our “fluid tour”, delving into the art of ceramics, tea and sake culture in 30 minutes. 

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