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ARTISTS / Toshiyasu Nakamura

中村敏康 Toshiyasu Nakamura.jpeg

Tamayasu Nakamura has mastered various glass art techniques, including burner craft, hot sandblasting, and kiln work, and continues to study and research them. It was not until Nakamura encountered "kiriko" that glass cutting became his main focus. Merging refined techniques and a unique aesthetic perspective with years of design experience, Nakamura meticulously cuts and carves out patterns that blend classic and modern elements, giving each glass artwork a vibrant life. The transparent and clear glass intertwines with colorful patterns, providing viewers with a visual experience that combines transparency and composition.

"If I can convey the joy and wonder of glass that I feel through my artwork to everyone, I would be extremely grateful."


1975: Born in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

1998: Graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Kyushu Sangyo University.

2000: Graduated from the Toyama Glass Art Institute.

2000: Worked in the Glass Craft Course at the Toyama Civic Learning Center.

2006: Established the Hiroshi Yamada Studio in Hita City, Oita Prefecture, after becoming independent.

2009: Relocated the studio to Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture.

2017: Invited to design the interior of the Lexus LS500h for the Geneva Motor Show.

2017: Moved the studio to Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

2024: "Thousand Faces: Sakewares Exhibition III", TOUCH Ceramics HK

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