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Flower Shadow - William Lim

2022.08.10 - 2022.09.04  

Artist Statement

A response to William Lim’s Willows Dark Flowers Bright Exhibition.

Flower Shadow is a poem written by Northern Song dynasty poet 蘇軾. Other than in the title, the word “Flower” does not appear anywhere in the poem, which only describes space, movement, time and light, upon which the flowers are felt. This way, the flowers becomes the passive object, not the active subject. This is the artistic wisdom of a Chinese poet over ten centuries ago.


I had a solo exhibition in May this year entitled “Willows Dark Flowers Bright”. When I gave titles to the paintings, unconsciously almost none mention flowers. Instead, most titles relate to places, activities, time and seasons.


“Willows Dark Flowers Bright” is a prelude to this exhibition. I hope you may still have a fresh memory of the former, while you view these new works. This is important enough that I requested the gallery to move this exhibition forward.


I hope that through the shadows of the flowers, you will experience space, movement, time and light as the subject of my paintings. 


William Lim

10th June 2022

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