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ARTISTS / Konald


Character “Konald”, created by local artist Hin Li, is born in a parallel universe in Hong Kong. “Konald” is smart, but due to the ecological environment and the lack of channels to express itself in society, “Konald” has become a slave with no thoughts. The face and clothing of “Konald” are just like humans, but the head is enlarged and exposed due to excessive use. The body moves like a puppy - crawling on all fours and sticking out its tongue, giving a respectful feeling. In the morning, Konald will rush out with a bite of bread, rush to get on the train 0.1 seconds before the subway door closes, rush to meetings and handing reports, and rush to a restaurant to grab a seat... There is an endless race against time every day. The mantra of Konald includes “wait”, “will be quick”, “in a minute”, etc. Hin Li chooses a fun way to depict the lives of contemporary Hong Kong slaves in his artworks. Hoping to relieve the pressure on Hong Kong people, thereby changing their lives and reflecting on whether we have already become slaves.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2022 Whatever. Coffee 「趕住先」展覽

Selected Group Exhibitions
2022 Fancied, Touch Gallery, Hong Kong
2022 Affordable Art Fair「藝術辦館」
2022 K11artmall 「藝術超市」展覽
2021 天趣當代藝術館 「On Your Mart」展覽

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