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ARTISTS / Pex Pitakpong Jamesripong 

Pex Pitakpong Jamesripong.jpeg

Pex graduated 1991 from University with a Bachelor degree in visual communication Art.

In 1998 PEX was a freelance illustrator for various magazines for many years but then realised that he has more fun becoming a comic artist and animator.  By 2015 his character "Mari" came to life and PEX started his career as a fine art painter.

1971 Born in Bangkok, Thailand

Bachelor’s Degree, Visual Communication Art,
Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University Bangkok, Thailand
Lives and work in Bangkok, Thailand

2022 “The Puppet & My Mind Recards” by PEX Pitakpong Jamesripong, Central: The Original Store, Thailand
2021 “On Holiday 2022”, Central: The Original Store, Thailand
2020 “Twins & My Sketchbook”, Echoone Nanzuka, Thailand
2019 “Portrait”Echoone Nanzuka, Thailand
2018 “Thai for Thai Art for Charity”, Echoone Nanzuka, Thailand
2017 Mari x Inreach 3 rd Aniversary, Department Store Inreach China
2016 Taoyuan Illustration Exhibition, Taoyuan arts center Mari Exhibition in Taiwan 2016

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