Date:  15/11/2020 and 22/11/2020 (Sunday)
Time 10:00-13:00 (AM class) or 1500-1800 (PM class)


Kintsugi, originated over 600 years ago, is a traditional art of repairing broken ceramic with lacquer and gold powder. Reimagining ceramic art, this traditional technique has given new life to cracked potteries.


In the past 5 years, we have been offering kintsugi workshops to over a thousand ceramic enthusiasts and art lovers. Not only does this workshop equip you with practical techniques to repair your loved pottery, but also an eye-opening journey to uncover the Japanese culture and appreciate kintsugi works in different styles.


Due to an increasing number of enquiries, we have decided to run our first VIP Kintsugi workshop (10 availability for each workshop), in celebrating the opening of our new VIP workshop facilities. The VIP room is located on the same floor across Touch Ceramics, and for holding special and private workshops only.




Content of the workshop:

1. Introduction of the history of kintsugi 

2. Share our experience and knowledge in appreciating kintsugi art (we will be showcasing an exclusive selection of kintsugi art work)

3. Hands on experience in traditional repairing techniques 


Sharon Wong will take you through this 2 half-days workshop. In the past few years, Sharon has been doing kintsugi work for the clients of Touch Ceramics. 

Having travelled to Japan and Taiwan to learn the special techniques from different masters, Sharon is very passionate about kintsugi. This revamp small group kintsugi workshop will let you transform a traditional technique into a modern art form.



Date:  15/11/2020 and 22/11/2020 (Sunday)

Time 10:00-13:00 (AM class) or 1500-1800 (PM class)

Price: $2080 (2 sessions)

Kintsugi Ceramic Repair Workshop (Conducted in English)


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