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Highlight of the Month - Lau Yin Yeung, Lam Ka Yee, Miki 

2022.04.06 - 2022.05.01

Art is a journey of constant exploration. Artists of different generations have various responses and understandings to individuals and societies in respective backgrounds. The new generation of artists in Hong Kong provide a new perspective in the globalised context. Between materials, composition and brushstrokes, they present their emotional rhythm with a new artistic expression. 


In Hong Kong, where the pace of life is fast, the hustle and bustle overwhelmed our daily life. However, the current epidemic situation allows us to take a step back and re-examine our lives, while appreciate the urban landscapes that lack our awareness. This time, Touch Gallery is pleased to present the latest duo exhibition ‘Rhythm’ by local artists of the new generation, Lau Yin Yeung and Lam Ka Yee, Miki. Based on daily life, they explore and reflect on busy urban life from their own perceptions and perspectives, it also shows the diversity of contemporary art in Hong Kong.


Lau wanders around the city streets and takes inspiration from the urban landscapes, using oil painting as the medium of creation, then he internalises it into a quiet and spiritual landscape. Lau has been studying Buddhism in recent years, the painting process is also a kind of spiritual practice. He focuses his mind on painting, and pursues a state of balance and tranquillity. On the contrary, Lam feels the high efficiency and mechanical nature of metropolitan life, she has a vague impression of the fleeting scenery outside the car window everyday when she goes to work, so she reconstructs the fleeting moments in her artworks and records the traces of the city with sketches. Lam learnt sewing in her childhood from her mother, the exhibited works this time are divided into two parts: coloured textile artworks and sketches, depicting impressions of Hong Kong with mechanical brushstrokes.


Combining objective and subjective experiences, the two artists capture glimpses of the city, transforming them into intriguing images and artworks, expressing their own understanding of contemporary urban life. Let us follow the rhythm of the artists and walk in the artistic landscape of our city!

Artist Statement - Lau Yin Yeung

Pure mind hides behind delusive thoughts.
Pure mind can be found from delusive thoughts.
Delusive thoughts includes all movement and stillness that would not last permanently.
Pure mind reveals the movement and stillness without any additions.
Try to utilize delusive thoughts with pure mind.
Observe the existence of pure mind through the utilization of delusive thoughts.

Artist Statement - Lam Ka Yee, Miki


I turn my memories into lines and ‘print’ out the daily routine by hand.


I keep going back and forth, accumulating thread by thread, and the sound of sewing machine is weaving the moments on the train.

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