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ARTISTS / Takaharu Hori

Takaharu Hori (b. 1996) has had a deep love for insects since childhood. He is enthusiastic about chasing insects in forests and fields and keeping them in insect cages, which have become special sources of knowledge and inspiration for him. Inspired by these insects, Takaharu Hori engages in ceramic art creation in his daily life, incorporating the astonishing visual beauty and fascinating structures of insects into his ceramic artworks.

Born in Tokyo in 1996.
Resided in Chiba Prefecture from 2001 to 2014.
Graduated from Tokyo Gakkan Funabashi High School, Department of Fine Arts and Crafts, in 2014.
Completed the Specialization Course at Aichi Prefectural Seto Ceramic Industrial High School in 2016.
Completed the Kanazawa Uoheizan Craft Workshop in 2019.
Established an atelier in Kanazawa City in 2020.


2013 63rd Gakuten Exhibition, High School Division - "Awarded"
2014 67th Seto City Art Exhibition - "Selected"
2015 Yokkaichi Banko Pottery Competition - "Excellent Award"
         68th Seto City Art Exhibition - "Mayor's Award"
2017 73rd Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition - "Kanazawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President's Award"
         11th Mino International Ceramic Exhibition - "Selected"
2018 74th Kanazawa City Craft Exhibition - "Kanazawa Mayor's Excellent Award"
2019 Tableware Grand Prix - "Grand Prix, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award"
2021 Kasama Ceramic Art Award Exhibition - "Encouragement Award"

Solo Exhibitions and Art Fairs
2024 Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Gallery Suki, Aichi)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (LIMIT GALLERY, China)
2023 Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Suisai, Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Enko, Ishikawa)
2022 Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Yamanoue Gallery, Ishikawa)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Shinjuku Takashimaya, Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Moon of Silence, Hong Kong)
2021 Solo Exhibition "HORI TAKAHARU Solo Exhibition" (creava, Ishikawa)
         Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Ceramic Exhibition - World of White Porcelain Insects" (Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi Main Store, Tokyo)
         Simultaneous Solo Exhibitions in Three Locations: "TAKAHARU HORI" (THE SHOPHOUSE, Wild Wander, Moon of Silence, Hong

         "Anticipation of Beauty" (Touring exhibition in four Takashimaya stores: Tokyo, Kyoto, Aichi, Osaka)
2020 Solo Exhibition "TAKAHARU HORI" (Yamanoue Gallery, Ishikawa)
          Solo Exhibition "White in Motion" (Gallery DiEGO, Tokyo)
          "WHAAAAAT'S STUDIO OPENING" at The Place Taipei, Taiwan
          "Tableware Festival - Collaboration Exhibition of Award Winners" (Tokyo Dome, Tokyo)
2019 Solo Exhibition "Breath-taking Forms" (creava, Ishikawa)
          Solo Exhibition "Embodiment of Beauty" (Gallery mus, Tokyo)
          3331 ART FAIR (3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo) - Recommended by Hiromi Kurosawa, Director of the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum

          of Contemporary Art
          Exhibited at the KOGEI Art Fair (KUMU, Ishikawa)
2018 Tokyo Interior Lifestyle (Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori's World" (Gallery DiEGO, Tokyo)
          Solo Exhibition "Takaharu Hori Special Exhibition" (Ishikawa Fureai Insect Museum, Ishikawa)
          Solo Exhibition "Forms of Insects" (Yamanoue Gallery, Ishikawa)
          Exhibited at the Tokyo Art Fair (Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo)
          Exhibited at the Singapore Contemporary "A WORLD OF ART" (Suntec Singapore Convention, Singapore)
2017 Exhibited at the Asia Contemporary Art Show (Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Group exhibitions

2024 "Fancied II" (Touch Ceramics)

2022 "Sky and White" (joy gallery, China)

          "2022" (Bunkindo, Gifu)

          "INSECTS Exhibition" (Gallery Art Morimoto, Tokyo)

          "Sake Vessel Exhibition 2022" (Bunkindo, Gifu)

          "Kanazawa Stroll 2" (Hankyu Umeda Main Store, Osaka)

2021  "Ritual Objects Exhibition" (Enko, Ishikawa)

          "Guinomi Exhibition" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

          "Animal Exhibition VII" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

          "Creatures - The World of Crafts" (Kanazawa in Ginza, Tokyo)

          "Kasama Ceramic Art Award Winners Exhibition" (Kakiden Gallery, Tokyo)

          "Selected Works by Award-Winning Artists in the Open Call Division" (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo)

          "INSECTS Exhibition" (Gallery Art Morimoto, Tokyo)

          "World's Most Beautiful Insects Exhibition" (Huis Ten Bosch Museum, Nagasaki)

          "Solo Exhibition: Takaharu Hori Exhibition" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

          "Takaharu Hori and Nagisa Shirai Exhibition" (Kanazawa Suigin Kutsu, Ishikawa)

          "Birds, Flowers, and Insects - Waiting for Spring" (Ishikawa Prefectural Traditional Industry Crafts Museum, Ishikawa)

          "Forms with Tots" (Gallery Voice, Gifu)

2020 "Solo Exhibition: Moving White" (Gallery DiEGO, Tokyo)

          "World of Insects" (Hakata Hankyu, Fukuoka)

          "Solo Exhibition: Masterpieces of Art" (Fukuya, Hiroshima)

          "Blue, White, Blue and White Porcelain" (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki)

          "Kanazawa Utatsuyama Craft Workshop Graduates Exhibition" (Craft Hirohisa, Ishikawa)

2019 "Craft x Fashion x Kanazawa" Exhibition (Hankyu Umeda Main Store, Osaka)

          "Animal Play Crafts" Exhibition (Kanazawa in Ginza, Tokyo)

          "Kaobi" Exhibition (Gallery Lumpumpa, Ishikawa)

          "Three Young Kanazawa Artists Exhibition" (Temmaya, Okayama)

          "Collaboration of Tea Bowls and Sake Vessels" Exhibition (Nagoya Mitsukoshi Store, Aichi)

          "Symphony of Life" Exhibition (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki)

          "IKOMI2019" Exhibition (Toshin Museum, Gifu)

          "Chawan Exhibition" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

          "Cup Exhibition" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

          "Yuki Fujita and Takaharu Hori" Exhibition (Yamanoue Gallery, Ishikawa)

          "Animal Exhibition V" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

2018  "New-Quality Exhibition of Kaga" (Ginza Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)

           "Modern Artists of Japan Bridge Mitsukoshi Tea Utensils Special Exhibition" (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo)

           "Contemporary Crafts Exhibition" (Seibu Shibuya, Tokyo)

           "Habitat of Insects: Jiro Takada and Takaharu Hori" Exhibition (Morgenrot Gallery, Tokyo)

           "Colorful Shapes" Exhibition (Craft Hirohisa, Ishikawa)

           "Early Autumn Tea Gathering" Exhibition (Isetan Shinjuku Main Store, Tokyo)

           "Kanazawa Pottery Story" Exhibition (Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store, Aichi)

           "Shapes of Dogs" Exhibition (Gallery Voice, Gifu)

           "Cup Exhibition" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

           "Animal Exhibition IV" (Gallery Sukiyoshi, Aichi)

           "Shapes of Celebration" Exhibition (Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo)

           "Sounds of Life" Exhibition (FAVOR, Ishikawa)

           "New Tea Utensils Exhibition" (Craft Hirohisa, Ishikawa)

2017   "Takaharu Hori and Yuko Sawayoshi Exhibition" (Gallery Yamasaki, Tokyo)

           "Four Artists, Four Styles of Vessels" Exhibition (Gallery Yuuyuuya, Aichi)

           "Spring on the Mountain" Exhibition (Yamanoue Gallery, Ishikawa)

           "Decorative Crafts Exhibition" (Enkou, Ishikawa)

           "ISETAN HALLOWEEN FAIR" Exhibition (Isetan Shinjuku, Tokyo)

           "Sounds of Life" Exhibition (FAVOR, Ishikawa)

2016  "Beautiful Shapes" Exhibition (Gallery Voice, Gifu)

           "Kanazawa Crafts Art Auction" (AKKA, Ishikawa)

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