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An Early Summer Tale - Life Aesthetics Exhibition

Farewell to the cloudy weather, starting to be waken up by the sunlight in the morning. Nature always reminds us of the change between seasons.

Summer is said to be the most energetic season. Walking on the streets we can now easily find lush flowers. When we look up, we see the bright sunshine shining upon us, and the surface the sea and become sparkling.

In this early summer, we are pleased to invite artists from Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong to present their views of summer and nature through the medium they specialise. Japanese metal artist Sumii has dedicated to creating handcrafted tin sake ware. What is better to beat the scorching heat than having cold sake with a fine cold tin sake decanter and cup? Glass Artists from Taiwan, Lynn Lin and Din Youwei bring you. different styles of glass ware for sake and tea. Crystal clear glass contains different details and textures, bringing a fresh breath to the your table.

If you compare different kinds of pottery works with different seasons, then the most representative pottery style for summer must be the woodfired works, leaving traces of fire that looks like a fascinating nature scenery. We will show three modern sculptures from Tomonari Hashimoto, as well as Kuniko Kinoto's works which are a mix of clay and the stones in lakes of Kyoto. You can see thousands of different colors and textures on their unique works. We also show Taiwanese ceramic artist Zhang Xiyuan's woodfired tea ware. The surfaces of his works give people the impression of ocean, grassland, and rice fields.

In this early summer, we would like to come and take a look at the scenery prepared by artists for you, and enjoy the light and shadow from glass works to spend a peaceful moment of mind.
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