Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage IV

2022.11.01 - 2022.12.03
Pursuing the exhibition series: Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage, Touch Ceramics continues to bring you the art of “Neriage” by inviting five well-known artists who are obsessed with colours, shapes and skills.


Apart from Artists Mika Sato and Tomoyuki Hoshino that have participated with us previously, we invited Aiko Sato, Jo-Kun Yamagishi and Local ceramic artist Yasmin Pat for the upcoming exhibition. Each of the five artists showed how they inherited their skills as an extension of the ancient traditional craftsmanship of “Neriage”. 


Mika Sato learnt the skills from one of the most well-known Neriage artists Eiji Murofushi and further developed for more than ten years, creating her unique light-transmitting “Neriage” art. The pattern and the colour of Mika’s works give a sense of gentleness in women as well as show the prettiness within the porcelain.


Inspired by Strawberry Milk, Tomoyuki Hoshino adds pink stains to the porcelain material and mixes clay with his unique skills. Combining traditional techniques with modern thinking, created the colour and shape that match our modern living space. From that, we can feel the transformation and passage of time and space within his works.


Fusing the skills and culture from Saitama, Okinawa and Seto, Aiko Sato uses different colours of clay, adding layers and twisting them into vessels that are sophisticated with diverse personalities.