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Prayers - Ito Taketoshi Solo Exhibition

2024.07.09 - 2024.08.03

Touch Gallery is honoured to present the first Hong Kong solo exhibition "Prayers" by the acclaimed Japanese ceramic artist, Ito Taketoshi, from July 9th to August 3rd 2024. Inspired by the resilient yet graceful lotus flower, Ito pours his life experiences and reflections into creating a series of elegant and serene ceramic works. Whether they emanate the warmth of morning light, the steadiness of the dark night, or the purity of fresh snow, each piece embodies the artist's indescribable inner strength.


Ito's encounters with Venetian architecture have sparked his profound love for line work. Through the interplay of earth, fire, and blade, he crafts remarkably intricate hand-carved patterns that showcase his effortless artistry and distinctive aesthetic. Through his unwavering commitment over the past two decades, Ito has found a profound inner tranquility that now serves as a wellspring of endless inspiration. 


This exhibition arrives at a time of recovery from the pandemic, and Ito hopes to create warm, soulful works to remind us to cherish the present, focus on ourselves, and reconnect with our inner selves. The birth of these works stems from the artist's relentless pursuit of craftsmanship and his profound dialogue with life. In his creative journey, he constantly transcends himself and explores the mysteries of the spirit, akin to a devout prayer. Through the magnificent forms and shadows, he narrates the trajectory of life, guiding the viewer to immerse in inner peace and feel the immense power of existence.

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