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Beyond Tea Ware: Exhibition of Tea Ware by Chinese and Japanese Artists

Touch Ceramics is proud to exhibit selected tea ware from ten renowned ceramists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Each artist expresses their own aesthetics of tea ceremony through their works. We deeply believe that tea ware means much more than utensils in our daily lives. Instead, they represents the pursuit of a classy lifestyle and inner peace. 
The ten participating artists are:-

From Hong Kong

From Taiwan
Chen Kao-teng, Li Ia-wen, Chang Sheng-hsiung, Weng Shih-chien, Chiu Yu-ning

From Japan
Kazunori Ohnaka, Akihiro Nikaido, George Nakamura
2019.05.17 - 06.30
2019.05.17(FRI) 6:30pm
opening tea ceremony*^
2019.05.18(SAT) 3:00-4:30pm
tea tasting with a guided tour^
2019.05.19(SUN) 3:00-4:30pm 
tea tasting with a guided tour^
*free admission, special thanks to 6 Senses Life for their darjeeling tea serving
^events will be conducted in Cantonese
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