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The Moveable Feast - Sake Ware Exhibition
2019.12.08 - 2020.02.02

Last year, our sake ware exhibition was a great hit. This time, we are very delighted to have five artists from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan to join our exhibition, namely Ogata Kamio, Nagisa Shirai, Joji Nakamura, Lau Yat-wai and Chung Wen-ting. Our Founder will also exhibit his own collection of vintage Japanese sake ware across times and style.

With the end of year coming, it is a great time for reunion and having new year wishes. Sake is always a good companion for gatherings. This exhibition would be a great chance for you to find the best gifts for yourselves and dear friends. Enjoy the moveable feast with sake with friends, catch-up what has happened this year and hope for the best in 2020.

We will also offer guided tour for participants at $100/head, with 3 different sake to be tasted. Please fill in the Google Form for booking. Hope to see you soon.

TOUCH Ceramics
Address:Shop 203, 2/F, Block 3 Barrack Block, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, HK
Tel: 2562 9000
Opening hours: 11am-7pm, Tuesday to Sunday, closes on Monday and public holidays
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