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As Tea Goes By

Duo Exhibition of Kazunori Ohnaka and Wu Cheng-zhi's teaware

22/09 - 18/10/2020

Succeeding the previous exhibition ‘Ceramics Touch on Islands’, we proudly present two artists who are as well ceramic artists from islands for the new exhibition ‘As Tea Goes By’ Duo Teaware Exhibition.

Both artists develop their own unique style by constant exploration of traces along the historical timeline. Kazunori Ohnaka is famous for his ‘ageing series’ which has a Wabi-sabi impression, while Wu Cheng-zhi devotes his life in creating impressionist teaware with reference to the classic ones.

At the exhibition, in the provide audience with a more comprehensive experience, we will also showcase a range of vintage teaware from China and Japan. You will be immersed in ceramic journey in different senses and you can also touch and feel the history and stories behind the works.

Autumn is approaching. It is time for you to brew yourself some warm and refreshing tea with a finest set of teaware. Sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition, choose your favourite teaware, and feel the interaction between time and clay.

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