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Beyond Tea Ware II

2023.04.11 - 2023.05.06​

Exhibition Statement


Tea ceremony and its unique tea culture originated in the Tang Dynasty of China. The tea culture was brought by the Japanese monks to Japan. It then combined with the local culture to become a social and cultural activity for the expats to treat their guests with tea and show courtesy.


Chinese tea utensils have a long history, since the Ming Dynasty, the tea utensils have changed in style, and each has its own unique beauty. The concept of "co-exist" that emphasises the rules of Japanese tea ceremony and its tea utensils that are simpler and more focused on natural forms and colours.


To commemorate the 4th anniversary of Touch Ceramics, we are pleased to present “Beyond Tea Ware II'' in April, following the successful “Beyond Tea Ware: Exhibition of Tea Ware by Chinese and Japanese Artists” in 2019.Exhibiting rare tea wares from our gallery’s collection: a comprehensive showcase with works by timeless masters the gallery has previously worked with. In particular: Taiwanese master Wu Wei Cheng's calm, full of vitality and simplified modern tea sets; Lin Jhih-Bing’s Meticulous masterpiece symbolising life with autumn lotus; the posthumous works of the late Japanese master Ogata Kamio; A beautiful blend of white, black and pink, like marbled porcelain by Shinro Yamamoto ; and the exquisite and delicate celadon tea wares by Masayuki Uraguch.


“Beyond Tea Ware II'' showcases artist's own cultural ideas on tea utensils. Dissimilar vessel shapes, textures, glaze colours all together to reflect one’s philosophy of life. We deeply believe that tea ware means much more than utensils in our daily lives. Instead, they represent the pursuit of a classy lifestyle and inner peace. 

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