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Feast - Life Aesthetics Exhibition

2021.05.11 - 2021.06.06

In the early summer, Touch Ceramics sincerely brought you【Feast | Ceramic Art Life Aesthetics Exhibition】. Instead of the usual curatorial approach of focusing on the ceramists, we decided to resume our original intention, and concentrate on the relationship between ceramic arts and life.


Home is not only a place of daily life, but also a place where all inspirations are generated. Every day tea is served with exquisite tea sets, and there also are food wares from different ceramists on the table. The Japanese Living National Treasure and gourmet, Kitaoji Rosanjin once said that "food wares are the clothes of food". By introducing aesthetic concepts into the appreciation of food, the combination of cooking and food wares present beautiful perspectives of food. The relationship between humans and wares is intimate, and we could feel the joy of it by touching and using wares. Wares are the clothes of food, they add an artistic touch to our dining table.


This May, in the hot sunshine mixed with the breeze, Touch Ceramics will bring you【Feast | Ceramic Art Life Aesthetics Exhibition】. In this exhibition, we invited eight artists from Japan: Hiroyuki Yamada, Junko Oku, Kumiko Yada, Kazuhiro Katase, Nagisa Shirai, Nami Takahashi, Ricca Okano and Takaya Fukuoka. By understanding the Japanese aesthetics of food wares, we can realise the essence of life aesthetics in dining.


Meeting friends was something we used to take it for granted, but due to the epidemic period, now it has become difficult. Touch Ceramics has opened approaching three years, this space has gathered countless new and old friends who love ceramic arts. Through this exhibition, we hope to “treat” everyone to a “feast”, to have tea or a drink with everyone, and talk about everything.

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