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Flower Wandering - Flower Ware Exhibition

2021.04.13 - 2021.05.09

Spring is a good season to appreciate flowers, people are able to temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and get close to nature. In the warm spring in Hong Kong, there is a wide variety of flowers with different shapes and colours. Whether it is the lightness and cuteness of jacaranda, the unrestrained splendor of kapok, or the fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms, they can become our stimulations and inspirations, and breathe new life into our lives. There is no need for the room to be large, or many flowers to feel the floral scent, who does not want to "bring flowers into the room" to keep that vitality? As the best company of flowers, flower vessels are also artists, and different flower vessels can retain the spirit of spring for us. Touch Ceramics organise “Flower Wandering - Flower Ware Exhibition” to show everyone the beauty of the subtleties of life.


The history of Chinese floral art can be traced back to the pre-Qin period. "Flowers are offered in front of the Buddha, and water is filled with jars”, it can be said to be the origin of Chinese floral art and flower wares. In the Tang Dynasty, flower became the object to express feelings and develop friendship, the culture of floral arts had rooted in the everyday life of civilians. In the Song Dynasty, flower arrangement was popular among the civilians, and especially liked by the literati. They often used flowers express their inner world. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, flower arrangement emphasized the elegance of literati, in particular, "natural and no decorations." Chinese floral art has a long history, which shows our sincere love for the beauty of floral art.


We appreciate beauty, regardless of the past and the present, in this flower ware joint exhibition, we invited Nami Takahashi, Kuniko Kinoto, Takaya Fukuoka, and Nagisa Shirai, Miki Kato, Hiroyuki Yamada, Sayaka Shingu, Yasuhiro Sumii, Agnes Husz from Japan, Evon Wang, Luo Yi-sen and Wu Wei-cheng from Taiwan, to present the beauty of contemporary flower wares to everyone. In addition, we are honored to invite the creative director of SP Creative Studio, the designer of gourmet and lifestyle brands, and the teacher of the Japanese Sogetsu Ikebana: Shadow Kwan, to show us the flower arrangement art of life aesthetics, and lead everyone to see more possibilities of arts.

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