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"Watching the Clouds" - Ceramic Exhibition by Liu Rong Hui 
2018.07.13 – 2018.08.12

Liu Rong Hui, renowned ceramic artist from Taiwan, is well-known and popular among international collectors despite his young age (b. 1972). It is with great honour that in joint venture with Taiwan Fu Gui Tao Yuan, Touch Ceramics presents the first ever exhibition of Liu in Hong Kong.

Liu's creation focuses on life aesthetics with specialty in vase and tea ware. Multi-layered embossing and hollow shapes are his signature. His work incorporates landscape and scenery, simple and yet graceful. Like the flow of clouds.

'Watching the clouds' is a series in copper green glaze, an interesting and solemn combination. Surrounded by calm atmosphere, the distinguishing arrangement of space patches reveals unique scenery. Through each handmade piece, the creator conveys and reflects the mood of viewers. Deep and advance. Unforgettable.

Liu's pottery is sculpture. His art has volume beyond measurement. Shapes connect with functionality. With versatility in mind, they can be signature pieces on counters, highlights on feature walls or holders of treasures. The existence of his art vibrates into space. These distinctive features instigate the inexplicable lost feeling in a sea of vastness.

Liu is a magician of object and space. His work is natural, retelling nature and unique.

Please come to enjoy watching the flow of clouds.

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