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Rising Stars - Emerging Artists from Japan

2022.09.13 - 2022.10.02  

Wind breeze slowly and ushers in the color of the early autumn sky at night. In the month of September, “Rising Stars" exhibition gathers five emerging artists from Japan in Touch Gallery, to tell their stories of the new generation with different materials and techniques.


Inspired by the original ancient pottery, Hatanaka Saki presents hand - kneaded pottery in a raw and innocent way. Romantic and sweet French frozen pie and sushi works are all shown in Joshin Hiroko’s enamel pieces. Incoroping blooming blue flowers in the neriage technique, Kaneda Moe’s utensils are vigorously presented. 

Held in warm palms, Sugihara Miciko’s glassware are shaped like frozen flowers and grass that are covered in the snow. Terakura Miyako, hides the emotions of the next generation in the slip cast porcelain sculptures.


Step by step, we walked out a shortcut. These young artists born in the 1990s grew up in the environment of the explosion of digital information. They always seek unique and new ideas, infusing creativity from their abundant life backgrounds. The artists chose to use their own hands to create the artworks, slowly pondering from the techniques, accumulating experience bit by bit, all reflected on their artworks. 


While appreciating the works of these promising artists, it's not that ignorant dreams are not worth realizing. The colorful spaces displayed are not only full of light and shining power, but also a hope that can set sail of dreams, recording the trail of starlight and enlighten the night sky.

Curated by  : Chung Wen Ting

Introduction of Chung Wen Ting :

After graduating with a master's degree in ceramics from Tainan University of the Arts, Chung Wen Ting came to Japan for further study and obtained a doctorate from Tokyo University of the Arts. Wen Ting has showcased her works in various exhibitions and gained awards back in Taiwan. After moving to Japan, she gave full play to the delicate characteristics of women and integrated Taiwan and Japanese culture into her creations. Through the warmth of ceramics, she conveyed the imagery of spring, summer, autumn and winter in her artistic practise.

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