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The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings II -

Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting

2024.04.09 - 2024.05.04

Exhibition Statement


Touch Ceramics invites six artists from Japan: Aki Takahashi, Saori Yamaura, Tomomi Imagawa, Chiemi Takaki, Hideaki Suzuki, and Kayoko Mizumoto to present the joint exhibition  "The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings II -

Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting ".


In Japan, painted ceramics are known as " Iro-e". From blue-and-white, iron painting, slip, underglaze to onglaze, there are also some original techniques and glazes that are rare. Japanese painted ceramic artists constantly break through tradition, creating new sensations. They go beyond technique, illuminating their creative ideas, and their artistic journeys are vibrant and lively, just like their artworks. This gathering of six ceramic artists showcases their aesthetic sense and worldview on different themes, demonstrating the trends of contemporary Japanese painted ceramics.


The overture of the exhibition begins with Kutani-yaki onglaze.


Kayoko Mizumoto expresses the inner world of anime through peculiar and grotesque shapes.


Tomomi Imagawa creates painted works that blend tradition and pop culture, with a focus on girls, which are widely loved by people.


Saori Yamaura's works feature animals and birds, meticulously painted with delicate brushstrokes, injecting life into the pottery and giving each piece its own personality. She has a deep love for animals.


Hideaki Suzuki combines avant-garde art from New York with the technique of traditional Japanese "Kutani-yaki," creating the most intense sparks. He is a "national treasure-level" ceramic artist who returned to Japan after studying in the United States.


Aki Takahashi embodies the beauty, rigor, and history of Kyoto by combining the unique culture nurtured over a thousand years in Kyoto with traditional Japanese ukiyo-e.


Chiemi Takaki focuses on floral themes and paints them on various vessels and jewellery, creating more moments of smiles and relaxation in people's daily lives when they hold the pottery.


These artists utilize their unique techniques to cultivate diversity and freedom in the new generation. Let us take on a journey together with these artworks and artists, and enjoy a splendid feast for the soul.

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