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The Rhythm of Raining

2021.09.01 - 2021.09.30

Lin Jhih-Bing, the champion of the 2020 Taiwan Craft Competition, proposed a new concept that preserves the functionality of the teaware  and treats it as a landscape. "The teaware is like a painting, and it is also like a black and white photo to record the epitome of life." In September's "The Rhythm of Raining - Duo Exhibition of George Nakamura x Lin Jhih-Bing’s Teaware" invited Taiwanese ceramics master Lin Jhih-Bing and Japanese famous ceramics master George Nakamura to present their masterpieces for you.
In different cultures and spaces, these two artists used teawares to create different sceneries in the rain. George Nakamura uses white crystal glaze as the main tone, summarizing Mr. Nakamura's life and perceptions over the years, calling us living in the city with the colors of nature. Lin Jhih-Bing uses the autumn lotus to symbolize the life of a person. Although it seems to be incomplete, it implies vitality. It contains the oriental philosophy and constitutes a beautiful scene between the teawares that proves the endless life of all things in the world.

At the exhibition, in order to provide the audience with a more comprehensive experience, we will also showcase a range of vintage teaware from China and Japan. You will be immersed in a ceramic journey in different senses and you can also touch and feel the history and stories behind the works.

Autumn is approaching. It is time for you to brew yourself some warm and refreshing tea with a finest set of teaware. Sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition, choose your favourite teaware, and feel the interaction between time and clay.


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