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Thousand Faces .Sake Wares exhibition II

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of Touch Ceramics, we are pleased to present “Thousand Faces .Sake Wares exhibition II”  March 14 to April 1, following the successful “Thousand Faces .Sake Wares exhibition” in 2018. Exhibiting rare ancient sake wares from our gallery founder, Enders Wong’s collection: a comprehensive showcase with works by timeless masters the gallery has previously worked with, and also contemporary sake wares by Hiroyuki Yamada, Uranaka Kotaro and Koichi Miyagawa. 


Hiroyuki Yamada's unique but signature technique of vivid colours, his unconventional imagination and sensibility all allure the charm of ceramics. He poured high-saturation glaze from the top to freeze the flowing colour on the surface to fully express the asymmetrical Japanese aesthetics.


Kotaro Uranaka presents a new series of tin sake wakes with the four seasons' scenery: wind, snow, the forest, flowers from each season… Uranaka Kotaro's refined tin sake wares offer us a sweet, pure and extra smooth sake aftertaste. 


White like fine snow - Koichi Miyagawa's white porcelain sake ware is constructed with a simple and elegant shape. Through the transparent white porcelain, the fluent waveform creates unique light and shadow. 


Each sake has its unique feature and offers a magical mouthfeel. Exhibiting over 100 sake wares: tin, silver, porcelain, ceramics, glass cut glass, lacquer…. Relax and enrich your time with a beautiful glass of sake.

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