Timeless - Kazunori Ohnaka Solo Exhibition

2021.10.12 - 2021.10.31

Following the 2020 "As Tea Goes By" Teaware Exhibition and the "Time Travellers" Flower Exhibition, Touch Ceramics presents the first solo exhibition, "Timeless - Kazunori Ohnaka Solo Exhibition"of Japanese ceramics master Kazunori Ohnaka in Hong Kong, comprehensively displaying Ohnaka’s teawares, flower wares, and sculptures that have never appeared in the previous exhibitions, to demonstrate his timeless artistic world.

The 50 years old master, Kazunori Ohnaka, self-taught ceramics at the age of 29, and worked hard to study ceramics and experience life with ceramics. His works display the traditional Japanese aesthetics concept “Yūgen” as time goes by. The metal iron glaze on the artworks shows the trace of the mottled time and creates a fragmentation on his ceramic artworks. However, it was reborn in the hands of the user. He discovers the beauty in shadows, reconciles hermitage, loneliness, and the mystery into a quiet beauty, and uses the profound years of the past to gain new opportunities in the modern world. It shows the charm of loneliness and timelessness.

Kazunori Ohnaka's artworks have been exhibited in many major cities in Asia, showing his unique “Yūgen” aesthetics, and he is deeply loved by the viewers. "Timeless - Kazunori Ohnaka Solo Exhibition" in October, you could walk into his mysterious and profound world, and listen to the stories of the years in a quiet time and space.