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Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage V

Eiko Maeda, Mayako Ozawa, Yukari Akiyama, Yuko Takasugi, Yasmin Pat 

2023.12.05 - 2023.12.30 

Exhibition Statement


"Neriage" is a technique that involves combining patterns using two or more different coloured clays. One distinctive feature of this technique is that the same pattern can be seen on both sides of the object. Additionally, due to the unique nature of each clay piece, slight distortions may occur when stretching, cutting, or connecting them, resulting in subtle variations in each pattern. Artists create exquisite Neriage ceramics by overlapping patterns and manipulating time, infusing each stroke of clay with endless poetry and beauty. The tools in their hands, combined with their skills, give rise to unique and delicate forms. With a devoted heart, ceramic artists infuse their souls into every piece of their artwork. Every turn, every imprint, every hue reflects the artist's contemplation and understanding of the journey of life. These artworks, like treasures that capture time and spirit, embody the essence of Neriage artists.


TOUCH Ceramics presents the year-end exhibition "Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage V," featuring five renowned Neriage ceramic artists. Hailing from Japan, Eiko Maeda dedicates herself to expressing the elegance, beauty, delicacy, and humility of Japanese culture through her unique Neriage patterns, achieving remarkable success. Mayako Ozawa is captivated by vortex patterns and uses the "Neriage" technique to create vibrant and enchanting colours reminiscent of peacock feathers. Yukari Akiyama crafts exquisite ceramic pieces with a translucent effect using plain white, each piece telling its own delicate story. Yuko Katasugi draws inspiration from the abundant coastal and botanical landscapes of Shonan, infusing her designs with imaginative depictions reminiscent of paintings. Lastly, Hong Kong ceramic artist Yasmin Pat combines traditional Neriage techniques with various patterns and utilises translucent porcelain to showcase her works in ever-changing patterns under different lighting conditions.


TOUCH Ceramics sincerely invites you to join us for the exhibition "Unprecedented - Joint Ceramics Exhibition on the Art of Neriage V" and appreciate these stunning Neriage ceramic artworks that showcase the infinite charm of Japanese ceramic art. In the world of "Neriage," each piece of clay is cut and assembled into different patterns, conveying the passage of time and the essence of nature. This exhibition not only presents the aesthetic beauty of Japanese Neriage ceramics but also showcases the cultural significance and philosophical contemplation behind them. You will experience the Japanese cermics's keen perception of nature, seasons, and life, as well as their pursuit of harmony, balance, and the beauty of transformation.

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