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When Flowers think of Vases

2022.06.02 - 2022.07.03  

In ancient times, Li Bai said, ‘splendid clouds and flowers remind us of Lady Yang's beauty’, while Touch Ceramics would say ‘graceful flowers remind us of beautiful flower wares’. Without the elegance of flower wares, how can we express the glamour of flowers? During the first encounter with flower wares, we can see the connection between the containers and content from the juxtaposition in the same space. The flower wares can be described as ornaments, interpreted as wall decorations or containers. When we think we can see through it, we move a little bit, and we may open up another world, which is the subtle beauty of it. Using different materials to create flower wares will impress people with a completely different feeling. If you see the patina glaze, you will feel a quaint charm and we can learn solemnity from it.


Enders Wong, founder of Touch Ceramics, and Shadow Kwan,Aesthetic Lifestyle Artist, have known each other for more than 20 years. Over the years, Kwan has established a lifestyle & food kingdom, and she has been enthusiastic about beauty. She is now the Founder & Creative Director of ALA - Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier & SP - Simply Pleasure Group brands. She also promotes the art of contemporary ikebana as a teacher of the Sogetsu Ikebana, expressing free and diverse flower arrangements and a natural style that adapts to modern life.  


On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Touch Ceramics, combined with their respective pursuits of ceramics and flower art, we sincerely invite the famous Taiwanese ceramic artist Liu Jung Hui to show the beauty of flower wares, accompanied by dozens of carefully selected Japanese ancient and modern flower wares. We expect when everyone is walking alone in the turbulent world, we can share our thoughts towards life and comfort our turbulent hearts, through the dialogue between flower art and flower wares.


The plants grow in the midst of the warm summer breeze, and there are full of vitality in nature. When the splendid summer flowers bloom, Touch Ceramics presents the latest exhibition ‘When Flowers think of Wares’. Connected by flowers, ceramics meet flower art, the ancient and contemporary flower wares carry the natural atmosphere, while the wares and flowers are harmonised with each other, expressing their vitality in tranquillity. It is hoped that the viewers can enjoy the time spent at this moment in peace from the combination of nature and aesthetics when viewing flowers.

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