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Dancing Kutani: Blooming and Resonance of Beauty

2023.07.04 - 2023.07.29

Exhibition Statement


This is an exhibition that gathers outstanding ceramic artists of Kutani ware in Japan, each showcasing their unique style and exceptional skills, presenting us with works that are full of vitality and artistic expression.


Kutani ware is one of the important traditional ceramics in Japan, with a long history and unique style. This exhibition is particularly special as it brings together seven young Kutani ware artists. Ito Yukiko uses traditional Kutani ware techniques and her delicate and superb skills to vividly depict auspicious patterns from ancient China. Ooishi Sakura adds living creatures from nature in a three-dimensional way to her works, bringing her own unique style to Kutani ware. Kawakami Mako brings the transparency and gentle colours of underglaze blue to the world of Kutani ware with her decorating techniques. Rieko Kawabata focuses on the traditional Kutani ware technique of "aka-e painting" and uses delicate lines to draw patterns, injecting life into small vessels. Mai Kitai pays attention to the shape of the vessels and the patterns on both the inside and outside, making each work full of originality like a fascinating story. Muta Yoca's works combine mythology, fables, and classical subjects, using overglaze enamels to depict animals, plants, and mythical creatures, expressing her contemporary aesthetic taste with personal charm. Mari Yoshimura starts with "aka-epainting," using red to present sensual and graceful feminine elements, and further unleashing her imagination through the vessels as a medium, creating a deeper connection with the viewer's soul. The artists interpret Kutani ware with their unique perspectives and life experiences, infusing their hearts and emotions into each work, imbuing Kutani ware with new vitality and innovative expression.


This exhibition is not only a place to showcase works of exceptional skills, but also a platform to showcase the power and creativity of the new generation. We hope that through this exhibition, the audience can have a deeper understanding of the charm of Kutani ware, and also showcase the charm of the new generation in the field of art, attempting to break through the traditional expression, leading the next generation of "Kutani ware" art, and opening up new visions and realms.

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