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Art and Literature - Exhibition on Life Aesthetics of Song Dynasty
2020.02.07 - 2020.03.15

A thousand years ago, Song Dynasty was one of the most prosperous era in history, it was as well an age of cultural expansion. The people developed their own aesthetics in poems, calligraphy, painting, ceramic as well as tea ceremony, each showed their simplicity, respect to Nature and the class.


Scholar-officials, intellectual and artists at that time also gathered for cultural activities such as incense-burning, tea ceremony, appreciating ink-works as well as floral arrangements. All of these showed their unique understanding and anticipation in the beauty of lives and everything, and deeply influenced the Japanese culture afterwards.


In this spring, from 7th February to 15th March, Touch Ceramics will present the  Art and Literature - Exhibition on Life Aesthetics of Song Dynasty by showcasing the ceramics works from Japan and Taiwan. Other than tea bowls and incense burners, we will also feature award-winning Taiwanese artist, Liu Rong-hui’s new works, which are both modern and classy, decorative yet functional.


To echo with the theme of the exhibition, we will also hold a series of workshops on the tea ceremony and incense appreciation in Song Dynasty. Hope to see you at Touch Ceramics.

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