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The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings 

Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting

2021.01.06 - 2021.01.31
Artist and Curator, Chung Wen-ting

We are honoured to invite eight artist from Japan and Taiwan: Ayako MINAMI, Kayoko MIZUMOTO, Mari YOSHIMURA, Kasumi UEBA, Kaoruko YURA, Tomoko FUKAHORI and Shogo IKEDA, with the artist curator, Wen-Ting CHUNG, to showcase an art collaboration -  The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings - Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting.


Ceramic painting is called 'Iro-e' in Japanese. From blue-and-white, iron painting, slip, underglaze to onglaze, there are also some original techniques and glazes that are rare. The new generation of painted pottery artists in Japan continue to innovate and create new styles, their excellent techniques and creativity intertwined and enriched. The ways they created, are full of energy and vitality as their artworks.  This time, it is our pleasure to invite 8 potters from all over Japan to gather together, present different beauty and worldview on respective themes of concern, showing the trend of Japanese contemporary ceramic painting.


The overture of the exhibition begins with Kutani-yaki onglaze.

Ayako MINAMI, who inherited the traditional craft, and creates a new unique sense of poeticness and creativity.

Kayoko MIZUMOTO, expresses the world of anime with eccentric shapes and utensils.

Mari YOSHIMURA, depicts a detailed painting by using aka-e (red painting), an important classical sophisticated technique.


Come to Kyoto, we have Kasumi UEBA who transformed the gorgeous Kyo-yaki into contemporary art.


Kaoruko YURA, projects her affection for small creatures onto her blue-and-white porcelains, along with imaginary delicate hand paintings. 

Tomoko FUKAHORI, who uses glaze as a painting tool, and imagines to travel around the world with her peaceful artworks.

Wen-ting CHUNG, portrays the plant theme with slip and liquid paint.


At the last stop, we come to Tanegashima, Kagoshima Prefecture in southwest Japan.


Shogo IKEDA, who uses local materials to create artworks of Oribe, Kohiki, iron painting, and blue-and-white, to pursue freedom of creation.


These artists use their own methods to enrich the diversity and pursue freedom of the new generation.


Let us travel with the artist through these artworks, and enjoy a splendid spiritual feast.

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