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Evolving Boundaries: A Tribute Exhibition to TOUCH's Fifth Anniversary

Evolving Boundaries: A Tribute Exhibition to TOUCH's Fifth Anniversary

2023.11.07 - 2023.12.02

Unbeknownst to us, we have reached the significant milestone of TOUCH's fifth anniversary since its establishment in 2018. Over the past five years, we have successfully organised numerous exhibitions, providing a platform for local artists to showcase their works. Artists such as Sara Tse, Li Wei Han Rosanna, Anissa Fung, and many others have graced our exhibitions, while we have also promoted and supported the works of numerous international artists, including Liu Jung-Hui, Ogata Kamio, Yasuhito Kawasaki, Tomonari Hashimoto, and Lee Jong Min, helping them thrive on the international stage within Hong Kong's vibrant art scene. In the last three years, TOUCH has expanded its horizons by opening two new gallery spaces. While our journey began with ceramics, we have broadened our vision to encompass various themes of contemporary art, including calligraphy, painting, sculpture, and more.


On the occasion of TOUCH Ceramics' 5 years anniversary, we have invited five collaborative artists to join us in presenting the “Evolving Boundaries: A Tribute exhibition to TOUCH's Fifth Anniversary”. These artists, rooted in four different Asian regions, will collectively create this wonderful celebration: Ogata Kamio from Japan, known for his ceramic works that bear witness to the profound Japanese "neriage" technique and sublime aesthetic concepts. His artworks are truly unique and exceptional in the world. Tomonari Hashimoto, fire the ceramic by applying a glaze made of metal oxide onto the surface, then combine it with "buckwheat husks" during the firing process and establishes an intrinsic order, delving into the essence of the universe with minimal yet profound and vibrant forms. Lee Jong Min from South Korea, guided by the spirit of craftsmanship, meticulously records the textures of nature on the surface of ceramics. His works showcase exquisite craftsmanship, with each engraved line representing the artist's devotion. At its core, his art stems from everything found in the natural world. Liu Jung-Hui from Taiwan, renowned for his creations featuring multi-layered relief and hollowed-out forms. His works blend landscapes, exuding a serene and elegant atmosphere reminiscent of gazing upon scattered and gathering clouds. Sara Tse from Hong Kong, whose works aim to examine the fragility of everyday objects and experiences. They express deeper and autobiographical meanings, capturing the vulnerability inherent in life. These artists have secured their places on the contemporary ceramic art stage, enjoying international acclaim.

“Evolving Boundaries: A Tribute exhibition to TOUCH's Fifth Anniversary” will be a grand event showcasing the works of contemporary ceramic artists from Asia. We aim for this exhibition to serve as a focal point for the magnificent panorama of contemporary ceramic art, highlighting its innovation and diversity.

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