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Artist / Aki Takahashi

高橋亞希 Aki Takahashi.png

Aki Takahashi is a ceramic artist from Kyoto. With her love for painting since childhood, she went to Kyushu Arita to study ceramics at age 20, and then returned to her place of birth to officially start her creative career. Takahashi Aki's works combine traditional Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, embody Kyoto's unique culture for thousands of years, and reflect Kyoto's beauty, rigor and history. She believes that there is a vast and mysterious universe in all things, and there is a rhythm of life. She hopes to expand and express this small but large world through painted ceramics. Takahashi Aki's works have been selected into many domestic craft exhibitions and collected by the International Ceramics Museum in Faenza, Italy.

Born in 1976, Kyoto



2006 Graduated from Kyoto prefectural Potter Polytechinic School

1999 Graduated from Saga prefectual Arita College of Ceramics Exhibited a lot of Solo and groupe exhibitions


2017,2014, 2011, 2007 2004 Exhibited Solo Exhibition in Takashimaya Kyoto store

2016 Exhibited Solo Exhibition in Isentan Shinjuku store

2013 Gyeonggi Arts Center Japan-Korea Ceramic art Exchange Gyeongsangbuk-do Pottery and Porcelain Exchange Exhibition in Gyeonggi Arts Center

2012 Exhibited 'Kagayaki eno Shotai' groupe exhibition in Takashimaya Kyoto store ition


2008 Selected for The Takaoka Craft Competition. Selected for The Itami International Craft Competition

2003 Received an encouraging prize by The 2nd Wakaki tsukuriteo sodateru Craft Competition

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