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A line between rigid and gentle -

Joint Exhibition of Taketoshi Ito & Wu Wei Cheng

2022.07.03 - 2022.07.31  

Artists familiarly pinch through lumps of clay that fermented in the kiln, creating an unique and artistic work that’s showcased under the spotlight of Touch Ceramics’ space. This July, Touch Ceramics proudly presents “A line between rigid and gentle” joint exhibition, featuring two popular ceramic artists from Japan and Taiwan, Taketoshi Ito and Wu Wei Cheng. The exhibition aims to showcase a dialogue between two artists and their ceramic works, connecting the story of the utensil from origin and persistence of craftsmanship. 

Taketoshi Ito's ceramics are known for their clean silhouettes, elegant shapes, and delicate hand-carved patterns. Lines and patterns were neatly carved on the plate with flickered edges. Delicate Gothic flower and vines patterns extend from the centre of the work, as if the waves of blossoms swaying one after another, which gives a sense of mystery that makes people deep in. 


On the other hand, Wu Wei Cheng's works revealed a simple and cool aesthetic, which integrated with natural philosophy, creating a harmony between nature and humanity. The white and grey tones coordinate with simple lines on the work, as if they are tiny architectural buildings, standing in between the scent of tea and the teapot. The two artists’ works both emphasise the rigidity and softness, wandering between delicacy and simplicity that forms a solemn and elegant feast.  


There is an undetectable and immeasurable standard of aesthetic in the utensils we use in life. It may be a measure of time that will reach the deepest feeling in our heartstrings while we are using it. Touch Ceramics sincerely invites you all to join the " A line between Rigid and Gentle " joint exhibition. In this journey of ceramic art, you not only can feel the tension between the gorgeousness and simplicity within the utensils, but also let them collect our memories and hopes to keep our life refreshing and interesting.

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