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Handle with Care – Anissa Fung’s Solo Exhibition

Touch Ceramics is proud to hold the solo exhibition for Dr. Anissa Fung's , one of the most famous ceramists in Hong Kong. With the title 'Handle with Care’, Dr. Fung will utilise her extraordinary ceramic skills to explore some common social phenomena. 

As a metropolitan, Hong Kong receives tons of boxes of goods from almost every part of the world every day. When the goods arrives at their destinations, the cardboard boxes are usually torn off and dumped by receivers without a second thought. However, for the grassroots, used cardboard boxes are precious as they can trade them for a living. The life cycle of the cardboard boxes symbolises the high consumption and disposable culture in Hong Kong.

Dr. Anissa Fung, an award-winning ceramist as well as a dedicated educator, has been immersing herself in the art and education fields for around forty years. Recently, she spends most of her time working on the cardboard boxes-inspired utensils. From her works, people can easily see the texture of cardboard as well as the air channels between the layers of paper board. The collection of ceramic works is named ‘Handle with Care’, which refers to the commonly seen ‘handle with care’ sign on cardboard boxes, and literally reflects the mentality of the artist who makes the ceramics.

Using a classical fine art design approach to express the ordinary visual phenomena in contemporary society, Dr. Fung successfully transfers something people regard as trash into the key idea of her exhibition; and make the protection of goods become valuable art pieces which needs to be well-protected. Arousing the contrast between observers’ senses of sight and touch, her works aim at bringing a sensational and ideological feast to the observers. When you come to the exhibition, please handle her works with care.
We sincerely invite you to come and promote this meaningful exhibition which is as well an artistic, sensational and idealogical feast jointly presented by Dr. Anissa Fung and Touch Ceramics.
2019.04.20 - 05.12
Shop 203, 2/F, Block 3 Barrack Block of Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Rd, Central
Tel: 2562 9000
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 19:00
Closed on: Mondays and Public Holidays
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