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A Shadow in Summer

2021.08.03 - 2021.08.29

Artist and Curator, Chung Wen-ting


Glass, glaze and white porcelain, are the three non-intertwining yet vibing materials. 


“A Shadow in Summer'' is the debut exhibition that showcases artworks of glass at Touch Ceramics. We attempt to cross the boundaries and categorization of craft, devising more possibilities while shedding light on the artists' thinking process and the artworks' intrinsic qualities. This exhibition invited the Japanese glass artist Tsurubayashi Maimi, the ceramic artist Otani Yurie, and the Taiwanese artist Chung Wen-ting. With their respective choice of materials and craftsmanship, their artworks demonstrate how they revolutionized the conventional techniques and further sublimated the visual allure and contemporary art-making approach.


The process of glass blowing and ceramic production is made with burning flames. Yet, the artists' sensuous handling enables those works to reveal a tranquil state that calms and cools. The supple lines and the lucid materials both contribute to making the featured artworks the best-fitted habitat in summer. It resembles a glass of chill wine, refreshing drinks, pastries and salad, or rejuvenating summer flowers... The artworks of the three artists not only brushed up the colours of summer times but also withheld our expectations for summer.  


The glass, glaze and white porcelain artists seek after the penetrating and ever-changing light and shadows which illustrate a subtle yet sumptuous scenery that composed a gentle shade. These light and shadows appear to have captured the airy space of a particular moment, providing rooms for us to scrutinize and coexist.

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