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Austin Stern

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Born in 1989 in Seattle, WA,started blowing glass at the age of 14​.

“I am inspired by the bright and highly saturated colors found in the toys and cartoons of my childhood, and the patterns found in both nature and the world of fashion. My current work explores interpersonal relationships, and mental health. The ways in which we support each other, take care of ourselves, and how we cope with various anxieties and fears are all concepts my work explores through a cheerful lens of brightly colored playful creatures.”


2021   Renwick Gallery of Smithsonian Art Museum “New Glass Now” Washington, DC, USA

2020  Peninsula School of Art “Old is New: Contemporary Artists using Historic Techniques” Door County, Wisconsin, USA

           Habatat Gallery “Silver Show” Detroit, Michigan, USA

2019   Corning Museum of Glass “New Glass Now” Corning, New York, USA

           Young Arts Patrons “Young Collectors Contemporary 4th Annual Exhibition” Memphis, Tennessee, USA

2018   Bangkok Glass Company “Thailand Glass Art Festival” Bangkok, Thailand

2017   Vetri Gallery “Introducing: Portinoy, Bach, Kaha, Stern” Seattle, WA USA

2016   Öterlens Glashytta “Masters Behind the Glass: Crossing Borders” Skåne, Sweden

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