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ARTISTS / 陳明宗 Chen Ming Zong


Chen Ming Zong (b.1980) is the founder and director of RICHU LACQUER ART CO., LTD., specialising in natural lacquer art and kintsugi restoration. Chen studied art in high school and had 9 years of experience in wood craftsmanship, followed by a study in Crafts and Design in National Taiwan University of Arts. 


Chen excels in creating layered and meticulously polished mirror-like finishes using natural lacquer, and often incorporates materials such as mother-of-pearl inlay, pure gold and silver, and mineral pigments to create art pieces with a pure and understated aesthetic. Chen established his studio in New Taipei City in 2014 and has participated in numerous international craft exhibitions. Chen has received multiple awards for his exceptional lacquer craftsmanship and has been recognized both domestically and internationally as a key figure in promoting and developing contemporary natural lacquer art and kintsugi in Taiwan.


- Graduated from the Department of Crafts and Design, National Taiwan University of Arts



- Member of the Taiwan Lacquer Research Association, National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute

- Member of the Taiwan Youth Crafts Association

- Convener of the Taiwan Young Lacquer Artists Association




- 2021: Selected for the 10th Soba Choko Art Competition in Japan

- 2021: Selected for the Taiwan Green Craft Certification Evaluation

- 2020: Selected for the Taiwan Craft Competition

- 2019: Selected for the 8th Soba Choko Art Competition in Japan

- 2018: Selected for the Taiwan Excellent Craft Certification Evaluation

- 2017: Selected for the Ishikawa International Lacquer Exhibition in Japan

- 2016: Selected for the 5th Soba Choko Art Competition in Japan

- 2016: 2nd Prize in the Innovative Category at the Taiwan Craft Competition

- 2015: Excellent Award at the 4th Soba Choko Art Competition in Japan

- 2015: 1st Place in the Craft Category at the Taoyuan Beauty Exhibition in Taiwan

- 2014: Excellent Award at the 3rd Soba Choko Art Competition in Japan

- 2014: Selected for the Itami International Sake Vessel Exhibition in Japan


- 2024: The beauty of brokenness, TOUCH Ceramics HK

- 2023: Craft Expo at the Oak Manor Art Museum

- 2022: Elegant Art Fair in Hong Kong

- 2021: "Ancient and Modern Lacquer" New Relics Lacquer Art in Miaoli, Taiwan
- 2020: "Radiance - The Path of Lacquer Artists from Taiwan, Japan, and China" in Miaoli, Taiwan

- 2020: "The Art of Lacquer Crystal Technique - RICHU LACQUER ART Special Exhibition" in Taipei

- 2019: "Appreciating Qi - Special Exhibition of Taiwan's Cultural Preservers" in Beijing, China
- 2018: "The Voyages of the Art of Lacquer" group exhibition at The Gallery by SOIL, Hong Kong

- 2016: "The Art of Lacquer" exhibition in Central, Hong Kong

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