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ARTISTS / Chiemi Takaki

高木知枝美 .jpeg

Chiemi Takaki's works take flowers as the theme and are painted on different utensils and jewelry. The colorful pink paintings are combined with gold outlines and embellished flower stamens, showing the cute and elegant Japanese style. In addition to the common white, the porcelain body also boldly uses black to create a lively and naughty feeling, which is compatible with the soft image of traditional women and the true personality revealed naturally.


1976 - Born
1995 - After graduating from high school, went to the UK for volunteer work
1996 - Enrolled in an English language school
1997 - Enrolled in Camberwell College of Art, chose the foundation course
1999 - Graduated and returned to home country
2008 - Enrolled in Kyoto Institute of Traditional Crafts, specializing in pottery
2010 - Graduated
2010 - 2012 - Worked at Kyoto Kamoyaki Pottery
2016 - Started pottery making in Kurume

2024 - Participated in a special exhibition at Kyoto Art Salon Kura

             The Assemblage of Colours, The Assemblage of Paintings II - Japanese Contemporary Ceramic Painting, Touch Ceramics,

             Hong Kong

2019 - 2023 - Selected for the Western Crafts Exhibition

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