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Clay’s next chapter

Kunihiro Akinaga, Tomonari Hashimoto, Yasuhito Kawasaki, Yosuke Doi, Shalene Valenzuela 

2023.09.08 - 2023.09.30 

Exhibition Statement


Ceramics, born from the earth and returning to nature's embrace, embody the profound significance of humanity upon this vast natural canvas. Guided by diverse artistic interests and philosophical concepts, clay assumes ever-changing yet distinctive forms. In the realm of contemporary ceramic art, practicality takes a backseat as artists incessantly explore clay's infinite possibilities, fusing it with a symphony of materials, colours, and mediums, crafting a resplendent "Clay’s next chapter" that belongs solely to the terrestrial domain.When immersed in the appreciation of contemporary ceramic art, each angle, every intricate detail evokes a kaleidoscope of emotions, unveiling a world both diverse and enigmatic. It mirrors an infinite celestial expanse, where intimate proximity reveals its unique revelations and evokes a sense of awe.


​​The exhibition "Clay’s next chapter" unveils a captivating collection of contemporary ceramic art by four Japanese and one American artist. Japanese Artist Kunihiro Akinaga delicately traces the mythical creatures' skeletal frames, beckoning us into the enigmatic realm of Japanese classical mythology while redefining their symbolic essence in a modern context. Tomonari Hashimoto, fire the ceramic by applying a glaze made of metal oxide onto the surface, then combine it with "buckwheat husks" during the firing process and establishes an intrinsic order, delving into the essence of the universe with minimal yet profound and vibrant forms. Yasuhito Kawasaki views ceramic sculpture as an extension of his subconscious, breathing life into vivid hues and lively childlike figures that emanate purity and joy, forging a profound connection between external appearances and inner emotions. Finally, Yosuke Doi moulds white clay into timeless and nurturing shapes inspired by nature, captivating hearts with unequivocal purity and a pervasive sense of inclusiveness. And the American artist Shalene Valenzuela reconstructs fragments of popular culture, ingeniously infusing everyday objects with references to fairy tales, urban myths, and consumerism, seamlessly merging the dimensions of two-dimensional painting and three-dimensional ceramics to create a narrative tapestry alive with playful expression.


Touch Ceramics aims to lead the audience into the magnificent world of contemporary ceramic art, allowing them to unravel the profound richness hidden behind its ever-changing forms. In this rendition of the "Clay’s next chapter" we invite you to feel the pulsating emotions, the stirring of thoughts, and the limitless allure of art.


The transformation of clay crafts fantasies, weaving the future into dreams; clay sculpture resembling magic, immersing us within……

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