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Eternal Light | Japanese Gold and Silver Pottery Art Exhibition

2021.06.08 - 2021.07.04

"Clothes make the man. Gold makes the Buddha " For thousands of years, gold and silver have not only represented people's desire for prosperity, wealth and the authority in the hands of the superiors, but also the solemnity in religion. They are long-lasting and precious, so many people have been seeking after them. On the contrary, pottery symbolises the normal lives of the ordinary. In ancient times, pottery was the daily necessity of the ordinary. They might use it for culinary or record making, engraving patterns on its surface to express their expectations of life. Yet, who would have thought that pottery became the type of container that exerts its influence with gold and silver after thousands of years? It appears that they have been forgotten by the time in the mundane world, shredding its disguise and radiating its sparks while recording every story eternally. 

In the contemporary world, artists merge the two eternal carriers together, piecing classical romance and the bold modern avant-garde together whilst instilling their unique ideas and inspiration. This allows them to tell the current stories year after year. 

This “Eternal Light - Japanese Gold and Silver Ceramic Art Exhibition” employs the color gold and silver as the theme, and invites Agnes Husz, Chris Li, Hideki Suzuki, Itaya Narumi, Mikiko Tomita, Hiroyuki Tomita, Riyoo Kim, Takahashi Tomoko, and Tetsuya Ishiyama, bringing the glittering and spectacular ceramic artworks to you at Touch Ceramics.

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