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Explore the treasures from the Universe: A collection of Contemporary Sake Wares

2021.11.2 - 2021.11.28

Each ceramic vessel has their very own unique personalities, just as how individual planets are performing their function in the universe.

Touch Ceramics is delighted to present “Explore the treasures from the Universe: A collection of Contemporary Sake Wares”, a group exhibition by nine new-generation ceramic artists from Japan.

The exhibition features five artists who are mainly engaged in ceramic painting (Japanese: Iro-e). Aki Tagawa, who is famous for animal caricature, Ukiyo-e, and genre paintings. Hideaki Suzuki, who studied in the United States, is called a national treasure of Japan's great masters of ceramic art. Kaoruko Yura expresses the world of anime with eccentric shapes and utensils. Mako Kawakami specializes in sometsuke and classical painting for the white pottery with indigo patterns. Mari Yoshimura’s works are keen on a detailed painting style of Aka-e. The artworks are beautifully presented in a feeling of whimsy, exquisite, or weirdness, and absurdity.

The second part of the exhibition presents four artists that are masters of ceremonial pinching art. Kaori Masuhara, who is a numerous award-winner, integrates gorgeous gold and silver decorations into the work. Kyoto Kuniko joins the stones on the shores of Lake Biwa in Kyoto into the ceramic. Shinobu Hashimoto expresses the texture of earth in his ceramic artworks with simple and modern shapes. Takuya Murata is famous for showing the indigo blue color transparently in the white porcelain. Their works not only inherit the traditional craftsmanship but also blends the modern avant-garde style in.

These nine potters shared the same traditional Japanese ceramic craftsmanship. Each of them has different styles: shapes, textures, colors, and themes. Their variations reflected the diversity and freedom of modern life. In this exhibition, they have created nine small microcosms through their limitless imagination. Every cosmos is represented by different artists' sake waves. Their creative techniques and ideas intertwined and enriched each other’s universe. Let us travel, explore and feel these nine personalities through their artworks, and enjoy a splendid spiritual feast.

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