2022.11.01 - 2022.12.03

Exhibition Statement

In November, a season of change, we can finally take this time to slowly pull back our gaze and discover things that have yet to be explored. Touch Gallery continues with the theme of “Being Whimsy” from last month, bringing you five young local artists, to look at Hong Kong society and culture from their own unique perspectives, showcasing Hong Kong's unique and vibrant artistic creations, creating a "Fancied" city.


Kazy Chan uses Acrylic paint and sculptural figures as his creative medium. Incorporated bright colours to the everyday characters, animals and objects that he creates, revealing a childlike and fantasy style. When you take a closer look, you will find that they are standing shyly behind the wooden door, attentively telling us the absurdity in reality.


Hong Kong Lo’s “KONALD” theme utilises the playfulness, cuteness and craziness in the images and stories to express the aspirations of Hong Kong workers, express their views on society, work and life, and build their own "KONALD universe".


“Little Muki” series created by Lingmuki is the start of the journey of her painting. The strong style of dreamy, whimsy and vitality are fully expressed in her works. She has been interested in Chinese painting and literature since childhood, and is creating a garden for us surrounded by poetry and songs, myths and legends.


Hong Kong ceramic artist Benny To extracts materials from mystical topics such as two-dimensional culture, aliens, and ancient civilizations. He then combines traditional ceramic craftsmanship and archa