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Fancied II

2024.05.07 - 2024.06.01

Exhibition Statement


After a year and a half of anticipation, TOUCH GALLERY will lead the audience into another creative and beautiful ceramic wonderland. This exhibition specially invites four ceramic artists from Japan and Hong Kong who use ceramics as their medium to create unique works with diverse styles and techniques.


Takaharu Hori (b. 1996) has had a deep love for insects since childhood. He is enthusiastic about chasing insects in forests and fields and keeping them in insect cages, which have become special sources of knowledge and inspiration for him. Inspired by these insects, Takaharu Hori engages in ceramic art creation in his daily life, incorporating the astonishing visual beauty and fascinating structures of insects into his ceramic artworks.


Fong Wing Lam, Elizabeth (b. 1998) conveys the vitality of new species and explores the subtleties of existence in her ceramic sculptures. Her works demonstrate her rich imagination and endless fascination with the details of life. Fong Wing Lam's sculptures can lead the audience into a curious world, immersing them in her fantastical artworks and inspiring inspiration with her skilled craftsmanship and creative vision.


Harris Wong (b. 1998) believes that humour is the salient element in his art practices. He desires to construct an absurd world by recreating articles of daily life in strange and goody forms, exploring the integration of abstraction and figuration. Inspired by absurdism, Wong observes matters of indifference and intends to transform that meaninglessness into something engrossing yet rebellious. Distorted and goofy hybrid creatures are frequently depicted in his practices as his motifs. Wong has concentrated on ceramics and printmaking. Transferring printed images on clay-based potteries and moulded clay, he is obsessed with exploring the relationship between the two mediums, bridging different dimensions through screen printing mono-print and ceramic sculpture-making.


Silvester Mok (b.1996) explores the possibilities of ceramics through the combination of modern 3D printing technology and traditional ceramic art. The precision and accuracy of the machine make a huge contrast with clay, a material that easily deforms overweight and water content. The printed form collapses and rests on a balanced profile that can hold its weight, and the new silhouette is captured by fire permanently. Each creation is composed of distinctive parts, and through various harmonious arrangements, the interaction and characteristics between the machine and the clay are preserved.


Let's explore this wonderland together in May and appreciate the exquisite works of these artists.

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