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Glamour of Light - Glass Art Group Exhibition

2024.06.04 - 2024.06.29

Exhibition Statement


Continuing the success of “Voyage of Light” from the past two years, Touch Ceramics proudly presents a fascinating glass art exhibition “Glamour of Light - Glass Art Group Exhibition” in June this year. Through gorgeous glass artworks, “Glamour of Light” explores the enchantment of dynamic light behind static glass, experiencing the aesthetics of light in a transparent world. The exhibition presents soul-stirring glass artworks by six contemporary Japanese glass artists, including Keiji Okushima, Mio Kosaka, Rui Sasaki, Ryoko Tsukurimichi, Satoshi Nishigaki, and Yukako Kojima.


Glass art, full of Japanese sensual aesthetics, is attracting attention from the international art world. “Glamour of Light” exhibits artworks of artists from different generations and cultural backgrounds, exploring infinite possibilities of glass art expression. Among them include core-formed glass artist Ryoko Tsukurimichi's fusion of ancient and modern art; through the glass moulding technique originated in Mesopotamia, her artworks integrate not only the craftsmanship from ancient civilization and the Eastern worldview, but also refreshing and mysterious glass artwork. Satoshi Nishigaki who is famous for his exquisite rivet cutting technique will immerse you into the world of light and shadow physically refracted by glass through his artworks. Other than Ryoko and Satoshi, Keiji Okushima integrates wabi-sabi spirit of Japanese tea ceremony into glass art creation; Mio Kosaka applies streamlined shapes highlighting Japanese wrapping culture and aesthetics in glass art; Rui Sasaki seals plants in glass arousing a sense of healing; and Yukako Kojima includes simple geometric patterns in glass artworks. Their refined and unique glass artworks will stimulate your soul through dynamic flows of light.


Through the artist's ingenuity, mature and exquisite craftsmanship, dynamic shapes, and brilliant colours. Touch Ceramics and glass artists together let you immerse yourself in the art world of freedom and vitality, experiencing the intoxicating glass scenery, and welcoming the warm dawn of life.

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