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Aesthetics of Happiness

2021.02.02 - 2021.03.07

What is happiness? This is probably a question that people have been pondering over since ancient times

Can ceramics bring us happiness? 

Our founder Enders Wong feels that the coronavirus epidemic has caused negative emotions, so he invites potters who have collaborated with us for many years, to let them create artworks that are filled with happiness with a joyful mood, we hope viewers can perceive the beauty of happiness.  

We are honoured to have Seiichiro FUJINO, Yusuke KAMIKUBO, Kuniko KINOTO, Junko OKU, Tomoko OTSUKI, Mika SATO, Yuko SAWAYA, Nami TAKAHASHI, Mitsuho TSURI and Kumiko YADA from Japan, Ted WANG from Taiwan, and Jimi LI from Hong Kong , to present various kinds of happiness to everyone. 

Wong believes that knowing how to appreciate beauty is the beginning of attaining happiness.  As we bid farewell to the troubled year and welcome the new year, Touch Ceramics sincerely invites everyone to discover and feel the happiness brought by the beauty of ceramics, let the happiness be conveyed by holding the ceramics in their palms.

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